Collaborative Music Theatre

Creative workshop

Following the success of the Improvisational Musical Theatre workshop last year, our collaboration with the musical theatre company Vocal Motions Elastic Theatre (UK) is continuing. The company was established by the lecturers Jacek Ludwig Scarso and Maya Sapone and is based at London Metropolitan University. This year the visiting team is joined by the movement coach Chiara D’Anna.

Creative workshop Collaborative Musical Theatre has been designed for modern opera and musical theatre producers and performers. Guest lecturers from London have introduced the principles of an improvisational opera to the participants, encouraging them to immediately perform and create within the framework of proposed scenarios. Five-hour workshop featured a wide range of vocal exercises, trials of different singing techniques, vocal improvisations and experiments, which were associated with acting and movement practice. Spontaneous music theatre etudes were acted out, with only fragmentary knowledge of scenario beforehand. The program of the workshop also featured exercises from the company’s latest production Baroque Box examining the 17th century ideas about the human body within the context of art and science. The lecturers have incorporated references to paintings by Caravaggio, the four temperaments and historic medicine into this laboratory of voice, movement, light and improvisation.

Collective workshop was intended for opera creators, soloists and choir singers, as well as all other artists interested in performing arts: singing actors, dancers, practitioners of improvisation art and other enthusiasts.