A clichéd love story of today that began via the computer program Skype, an inevitable part of modern everyday life. However, this is only an additional plot line, whereas the main focus is placed on the issue concerning the lost sense of reality. Last year the team gave a performance based on the short story Kliudžiau [I Hit the Mark] by Jonas Biliūnas, in which they investigated the psychology of a child, addressing the thin line between fantasy and reality. This year the group is tackling a similar problem, however, this time the victim is an adult, not a child. The characters get drawn into the world of fantasy not by computer games, but by the widely used Skype communication application.

A Lithuanian girl, named Irka, meets George, a young man from the United Kingdom, using Skype. They communicate via the Internet. Soon Irka falls in love with George and dives into the fantasy world of her imagination, where she is struggling to distinguish between dreams, fantasies and reality, between the real and the virtual life.