The opera Baseline invites us to observe the tragedy of a promising person, who is so addicted to the worldly pleasures that even seemingly small temptations may trigger an uncontrollable chain of events leading to degradation. The peak of success and the abyss of failure in life are side by side. When dangers turn into pleasures and pleasures become dangers, then the primary question is “Which way is the right one? Where is that last line that you cross to find there is no return?”

Polystylistic music delineates some of the topics that are relevant to the contemporary society: basketball, drug addiction, street culture, thirst for fame and the risks contained therein. In the opera electronic music is merged with the sounds of acoustic instruments, the bel canto opera traditions incorporate rap, while trip-hop, hip-hop and ambient music styles are blended with the flow of experimental music.

A young man is brought to a hospital after a street fight. It turns out that he is a former basketball player who has now become a degraded drug addict. After recovering from coma, he starts remembering his life from moments of fame to the encounter with the merciless world of drugs. Soon it turns out that he is a drug dealer himself and is being watched by the police.