NOT to be or not to BE


Opera is based on poetry collection Breakfast of Locusts by Gytis Norvilas.

2000 years ago the venerable oracle Achos had a gift to predict the future, however, after facing the ironic and demythologised world of the present day he loses his face. Without waiting for the revenge of the gods, Achos punishes himself and choses exile. He finds himself in a vacuum formed deep beneath the ground, where the subway lines of metropolises’ meet the underground rivers.

Water of rivers cools down the melting metal, but if you desire to wander further, you have to leave the imprint of your face in it. Leave your mask. Forever. Then you can look around and quietly accept the truth of the gods: you are not alone, nor have you ever been. To those who are ordained to you and are following you like shadows – you have to sacrifice yourself and have to accept their sacrifices… until you dare to kill the one who stands between you and the truth.

You are free then, but at the highest point of ecstasy the feeling of freedom is harnessed with straitjacket and… you wake up in your bathroom. While Achos, hiding behind the mirror, quietly asks: “Perhaps you are the prophet?”…