Opera Hole is a narrative about parallel worlds, concurrent lives lived, being without contact, existence of an individual, the growth, flourishing and shake-up of his/her personal life. It is about anomaly and supernaturalism, about the limits of perception and the limitlessness of the world…

Chamber opera cast features 8 performers – 8 characters, where everyone also acts as instrumentalist, singer, actor and dancer. As the opera progresses everyone is transformed, “moving” to a different space, continually changing. Only the three leading characters remain “themselves” throughout the opera – they are symbols of different worlds, possessing their space and their own sounds.

In terms of stage scenery and dramatic expression opera Hole is similar to multimedia or musical installation. Following the tradition, the opera consists of 7 scenes, yet the action is connected not via the storyline, but through scenic-musical “impulses”, the messages to the audience telling about matters of utmost significance. One has to connect them into one, to get an individual perception of what this opera is about.