Marathon of presentations of art project

Since 2008, the NOA Festival has been operating as a live laboratory of creative experiments of young artists. In order to ramp up its activities, discover new names, support creative endeavours here and now, initiate diverse creative and organisational cooperation and infect “fresh creative blood” with “operamaniac” virus NOA had organised Pitching marathon on April 19, 2015 at 6:00 pm at the Pocket Hall of the Arts Printing House.

This platform for presenting art project ideas encouraged participation of independent artists and creative groups, seeking to implement original projects of contemporary opera, music theatre or interdisciplinary art and looking for the likeminded co-authors/partners/consultants, producers, etc. Those wishing to participate in the presentation of concepts had to fill out a Pitching participant’s questionnaire until March 27, 2015 (International Theatre Day). Selected participants have received support and individual consultations while preparing for the presentation of the project concept. Diverse artists, members of the Operomanija community, as well as the representatives of art organisations and festivals were invited to observe the Pitching. Presentation at the NOA Festival Pitching was an opportunity to open up new vistas for the realisation of one’s creative ideas. Some projects have been offered producer services of Operomanija.

If you hear the word pitching and have no clue what it is about, that does not mean you cannot participate in it. Let us put it simply: you have an opportunity to present your wildest idea here and even find partners who like it. Think about it: no need for desperate phone calls, letters, sticky ads, no reason to bother strangers on the street. On all accounts it is more sensible, interesting, and efficient to take part at the art project presentation marathon.

Theatre researcher, pitching moderator Vlada Kalpokaitė