Opera Shorts

Short music films

Opera Shorts contains two summers worth of opera video clips created during workshops in Juodkrantė. Each year this activity, launched by independent creative group Operomanija, is joined by several dozens of artists from diverse art sphere, from poets to sound engineers, coming from Belgium, Russia, Romania, Norway, Ukraine, Finland, etc.

The 2011 summer workshop yielded a number of opera video clips with the duration of 30 or 100 seconds. This calibre was chosen thinking about advertising clips and their unexpected, highly concentrated message. Not only does this format actuate communication of the creative idea brief and to the point, but it also encourages formation of multiple tandems of creators with different areas of expertise. Meanwhile, artists that came together for the 2012 Operomanija summer workshop have decided to try on knee length “opera shorts” that were longer and allowed more freedom, so that they could break away from strict time limits, switching their attention to means of creative expression in their 2–8 minute long works instead.