Late Junctions

Late Junction, a collocation that Brits are very familiar with, is the title of a BBC Radio 3 programme, which has received prestigious awards and is popular with music lovers. What makes this programme even more attractive for listeners is unique music experience where you can enjoy the sound of medieval ballads juxtaposed with contemporary electronic music or where alternative jazz is fused with folklore. Its unpredictable music combinations never fail to surprise the audience and provide different contexts of music listening.

In response to this listening tradition created by the distinguished BBC Radio 3 programme, we present a concert programme called Late Junctions. It is an unexpected fusion of authentic sound combinations and genres. Countertenor, a voice rarely heard in the concert halls of Lithuania; kanklės, an instrument mainly associated with folk music; a vocal ensemble; Baroque arias and works of minimalism and postmodernism – these diverse elements interact to create an  extraordinary concert programme. Such an unusual juxtaposition of musical works creates a sense of modern sacredness.