Start of the Season: Back to the Halls and to the Streets

2023 08 31

As soon as September begins, “Operomanija” actively embarks on its 16th season and invites you to return not only to the halls of theatres in Vilnius and other cities, but also to the streets, courtyards and buildings of the Old Town of the capital.

Summer ended with a tour of the comic strip opera Alpha in Latvia, this autumn we are preparing for a concert performance of this opera to present its vinyl recording, which is already available in our e-shop.

In the last days of the summer, we started rehearsing a new work – the phone booth opera Things I didn’t dare to say, and now it’s too late (by Kamilė Gudmonaitė, Dominykas Digimas and Barbora Šulniūtė). We invite you to attend the premiere of the opera together with the Lithuanian National Drama Theatre and the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre (LNOBT) on 1-3 December, tickets are on sale now. This work is part of the “Opera Genome” project jointly launched by “Operomanija” and LNOBT.

“Operomanija” will open its new season on 2 September with The Filler – a sonic experience in the Vilna ghetto. We will wander around the streets of the capital throughout September and October – the series of performances this autumn is dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the liquidation of the Vilna Ghetto. These series of sonic experiences will be accompanied by a second edition of The Filler.

At the end of September, LRT Radio will premiere our co-production with LRT (Lithuanian Radio and Television), the documentary The Abyss, presenting the journey of one of the protagonists of The Filler, Joshua Zak, and his niece, Tsila Zak, to Lithuania and the search for the traces of their loved ones lost during the Holocaust.

A corporate dystopia / probiotic ecotopia for voices, Brave New Body is featured in this year’s Lithuanian theatre showcase of the Vilnius International Theatre Festival “Sirenos”, where a large number of foreign festival and art curators and critics, as well as the audiences, is expected. The work will be presented twice on 22 September at the “Arts Printing House” in Vilnius.

This year more than 10 different works produced by “Operomanija” will be presented in Lithuania and abroad. Other events and publishing projects are in the pipeline as well. The season is off and running and we invite you to spend it together!