May Routes: Vilnius–Tel Aviv–Rotterdam–Klaipėda

2023 04 29

In April, the repertoire of “Operomanija” was in full swing in Vilnius: opera “Have a Good Day!” was performed 4 times, while the route of the sonic experience “The Filler” at the Vilna ghetto was travelled 32 times.

The May repertoire will begin with the musical pictures from the archives of Lithuanian television “Radvila Darius, Son of Vytautas”. The piece will be performed on 3 May, at 5 pm and 9 pm, at the auditorium of the culture complex SODAS2123 (Vitebsko str. 23).

On 4 May, the audiences are invited to the performance of Baroque theatre noise machines “Navigations” from the “Bad Weather” series. The piece has not been performed in the capital city for a while and this time it will be shown at the Smoke Factory (Dūmų str. 5) at 6 pm and 8 pm.

The warming weather will once again invite you to wander around the lost Vilnius: on 12-16 May, “Operomanija’s” season in the capital will close with the sonic experience at the Vilna ghetto “The Filler”, a route through the courtyards, buildings and the most unexpected corners of the Old Town. After this series of shows, “The Filler” will return to the repertoire only in September.

May will be a special month for the works produced by “Operomanija”, marked with tours and meetings with foreign critics and managers. A particularly important international event is coming up – the first Lithuanian Performing Arts Platform (organised together with the Lithuanian Dance Information Centre and Theatre Information Centre) – which will take place in Vilnius on 2-5 May. Around 50 guests from abroad will attend the event. “Operomanija” will present two of its repertoire works – “Radvila Darius, Son of Vytautas” and “Bad Weather”, and will participate in pitching sessions together with a number of Lithuanian theatre professionals (creators and organisations representing drama, contemporary dance and interdisciplinary arts). The Lithuanian Performing Arts Platform is organised in collaboration with the Lithuanian Culture Institute, Lithuanian National Drama Theatre, Institut Français and L’Office National de Diffusion Artistique (Onda), its principal objective – to prepare for the upcoming Lithuanian culture season in France in 2024.

Shortly afterwards, on 10 May, the concert programme “Late Junctions” will tour in Israel, performing at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art as part of the Felicja Blumental International Music Festival.

On 22-23 May, the musical performance “Sports Group” will take part in one of the world’s most prominent contemporary music theatre festivals O. Festival, held annually in Rotterdam (The Netherlands).

Jurgis Kubilius, the winner of the review competition of the 8th New Opera Action Festival held in October 2022, will also travel to Rotterdam together with the team of the “Sports Group”. A trip to O. Festival, an opportunity to see a wide international programme and possibly make new contacts – this was the prize for the winner of this competition.

International itineraries will be rounded off by the corporate dystopia / probiotic ecotopia for voices “Brave New Body”, which will be presented in the Lithuanian showcase of the international theatre festival TheATRIUM in Klaipėda on 27 May. The work will be performed at the Main Hall of the Klaipėda Drama Theatre.

Following an extremely intense marathon of events in Lithuania and tours abroad throughout the spring, “Operomanija” will slow down its pace in the summer, however, the creative processes and events will continue. We shall announce them soon.