Operomanija Launches an Internet Site and Opens its Archives

2022 08 11

After 14 years of active operation, production company Operomanija launches its first Internet Site www.operomanija.lt. Formerly the organisation relied on social platforms, media and a site dedicated to New Opera Festival to promote its ongoing projects, whereas from now on it invites everyone to visit the newly launched site to follow its news and repertoire, and to browse its original “database-archive” exploring rich history of the company filled with performances, events, festivals, tours, residencies and critical reviews. All information is presented in Lithuanian and English.

“Until now, the organisation had no website at all. Since most of its activities focussed on the NOA Festival we had a site dedicated to it, along with individual web pages or social platform accounts, representing the most frequently shown productions. Eventually, as the centre of gravity has shifted (from NOA Festival towards Operomanija), we felt the need to create a platform comprehensively presenting the activities of the organisation, “ told producer Ana Ablamonova about Operomanija’s newest endeavour.

Over the course of its activity the creative company Operomanija has been a subject of academic studies, the authors of which, along with art researchers, critics and other investigators of Operomanija’s activities and contemporary art, became increasingly interested in the history of the organisation, checking the availability of and requesting access to diverse resources. Media representatives regularly addressed the company trying to double-check the factual information that was often balancing on the verge of oblivion. Producer A. Ablamonova claims that all of the above eventually served as stimulus to create a large-scale website. “Once the organisation became part of the strategic funding programme of the Lithuanian Council for Culture, an opportunity arose for a high-quality implementation of the idea. The entire process took several years to complete, including selection and processing of available resources, creation of the website and perfection of numerous related details. “

From now on, the website visitors will be able to quickly and conveniently access the company’s archives, representing certain episode of modern musical theatre, namely – the development of new opera in Lithuania. The archive contains an exhaustive and accurate registry of all works, creative teams and events implemented by Operomanija, along with comprehensive bibliography of Lithuanian and foreign publications.  

The new website includes information about the organisation’s publishing projects, as well as an online shop, where one can acquire vinyl LPs with recordings produced by the company. Informative and clearly structured website of Operomanija is a result of lasting creative process and scrupulous technical implementation. “The search for website design took quite some time. At first, I tried working with several designers, but at the end of the day it was Jurgis Griškevičius, a person well-familiar with organisation’s activities, who, based on all the keywords and suggested ideas, immediately came up with a suitable visual solution. We were striving for laconic, subtle and yet universal visual presentation, which would be acceptable to all creators of works produced by Operomanija. The website’s aesthetic solutions were also determined by its extended structure and the desire to make the site convenient and functional,” says A. Ablamonova.