2021 09 17

Operomanija Launches an Internet Site and Opens its Archives

After 14 years of active operation, production company Operomanija launches its first Internet Site Formerly the organisation relied on social platforms, media and a site dedicated to New Opera Festival to promote its ongoing projects, whereas from now on it invites everyone to visit the newly launched site to follow its news and repertoire, and to browse its original “database-archive” exploring rich history of the company filled with performances, events, festivals, tours, residencies and critical reviews. All information is presented in Lithuanian and English.
2021 09 12

Arturas Bumšteinas “Navigation II” presented at Haus der Kunst in Munich

Critically acclaimed noise machines are continuing their journey with a new version of Bad Weather series - “Navigation II”. Each version of Bad Weather is always slightly different, depending upon the peculiarities of the hall and overall context of the event. This time, it was presented at “Without distance” – Lithuanian culture in Bavaria very close festival.