Presently, the repertoire of Operomanija includes twelve (thirteen) productions shown in Lithuania; most of them are also regularly presented at international festivals. The genre diversity of these productions echoes the wide concept of contemporary music theatre and new opera, including performance of Baroque theatre noise machines, spatial opera in the dark, sonic experience at the former Vilna ghetto, comic strip opera, sound installation – performance, etc.

Some productions are part of the repertoire for nearly a decade and have been presented at the NOA festivals, while others are more recent works, premiered during the period between the festivals. All the performances are actively attended by the audiences.

Most of these works have garnered the highest awards of Lithuanian professional theatre, including the Golden Cross of the Stage and Borisas Dauguvietis’ Earring, as well as the international awards abroad. Works produced by Operomanija are continually and amply reviewed by critics representing diverse spheres of art.