Opera Donor is a situational opera of social character, placing emphasis on present day consciousness torn apart by internal contradictions, unveiling modern corporeal rituals and the strive to return to primeval or non-traditional forms of sexual interaction. In this case – the so-called swinger parties, or simply secret orgies that have gained significant popularity in Lithuania. Central character of the opera is an optimistic businessman, a married man who loves his wife. However, he is also devoured by his secret passion: seeking to expand his senses, he, together with his friend, a female doctor, submit themselves to the pull of the orgy and its “therapy”. On the other hand, the man also carries out a noble mission – he is a blood donor. However, one day he receives horrible news from the Blood Centre – he has HIV. This way, the ironic and stormy life of the man turns black, while his consciousness is haunted by macabre hallucinogenic visions. Whereas, upon learning the horrible truth his wife takes up the place of her husband-donor in grotesque way – she has to give blood to find out whether she has HIV as well.