Creative laboratory for young art researchers

Along the performances of the 8th contemporary opera festival NOA, a creative laboratory will take place, encouraging participation of young generation art researchers (musicologists, theatre, film and art researchers, culture and art critics and litterateurs) interested in writing critical texts and creation of radio programmes associated with contemporary opera. This laboratory has evolved and it is a continuation of the competition of reviews by young critics Versions of Quality Reviews held during NOA festivals in 2011 and 2018.

Laboratory aims to encourage the interest of young generation art researchers in contemporary music theatre and new opera, as well as offer an opportunity to perfect their skills while writing reviews and try their hand at creating radio broadcasts. Laboratory is curated by Rima Jūraitė, theatre researcher, theatre and opera critic, editor at Menų Faktūra and Rasa Murauskaitė-Juškienė, musicologist, music critic, chief editor at LRT KLASIKA, host of radio programmes.

During the meetings with curators the participants of the laboratory will be introduced to the contexts of contemporary musical theatre and new opera, peculiarities of reviews analysing and interpreting this genre, as well as the “inner kitchen” of radio broadcasts. Partners of the creative laboratory – Menų Faktūra, site dedicated to performing arts, and LRT KLASIKA radio programme. Reviews will be published at and, and other media of the festival’s partners; radio programmes will be broadcast at LRT online radio archive, their excerpts – on air at LRT KLASIKA.

Reviews of the participants of the laboratory: