Sun and Sea

Opera video screening

A sandy beach in bright summer light is covered by vacationers lying on their colourful towels. A mosaic of their different stories, narrated by singing bodies, gradually grows into a global chorus of a single ecosystem. The beach is observed from the solar perspective, from above, as if humans were bugs. Under the topology of lazy holidays – the burning time and burning skin – there lurks intuition of an ending: the temporality of human bodies, as well as the very body of Earth.

In their collaborative opera, the authors of Sun and Sea have focused on the relationship between documentation and fiction, realism and poetry, as well as on the crossover of theatre, music and fine arts. Their first work – contemporary opera Have a Good Day! (2013) – has received six prestigious awards and has been presented at international music, theatre and opera festivals in USA, China, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Portugal, Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine and more than 10 international theatre festivals in France; the opera was also broadcasted on Lithuanian National Radio and BBC3 Radio. The Sun and Sea project was granted artists’ residencies in 2016 / 2017 by Akademie Schloss Solitude. In 2018, the artists were invited to work at Staatsschauspiel Dresden theatre.