Opera / (Non-) Opera. A Search for Identity


Nowadays, the limits of musical works are not only expanding, but also assimilating, eroding, or even thriving in one another. In the public discourse, there is an increasing number of questions about opera – an essentially synthetic genre, which combines a multitude of different artistic branches – situation, relevance, “death” and “rebirth”. Therefore, creators and consumers of opera are invited to express their opinions in the discussion Opera / (Non-) Opera. A Search for Identity. The organisers deliberately held the discussion at the start of the NOA festival. It was hoped that the exchange of opinions will benefit young critics participating at the review writing competition and will become a kind of signpost for the audience of the NOA festival, at the same time encouraging re-conceptualisation of this stage genre within the contexts of contemporary art and society development.

Text of the discussion was published at the website Muzikos antena (In Lithuanian).