Juliet and Juliet

Opera dedicated to forgotten and unfulfilled dreams

Night. A dream about nothing that belongs to no one hovers in the space. It collects scattered thoughts of people, accumulating them within itself. Eventually, the dream veils the sub-consciousness of two women. They meet in a dream as a single human being, or as a dream of a single human being. They both are nothing, merely a mirror reflection of what is seen around, an echo of what is heard. The women accumulate the images and sounds in themselves until a conflict between them arises – two different sub-consciousnesses have perceived and processed the same information differently. Their conflict overshadows the dream, destroying it – now the two women are dreaming of each other. Everything collapses and disappears, only an empty space remains. In the light of day, the shadows of individual people remind of the women in a dream, but no one remembers who they were.