(From the Poet)

Long time ago, Italian composer Gioachino Rossini, most probably being completely sober, said: “Give me the laundress’ bill and I will set to music even that.”

Quite possibly Bildung is a reincarnation of that hypothetical opera, based on the laundress’ bill. However, in this case the opera was likely born on the basis of the bill from a laundry that laundered the simulacratic** forms of culture of the oneiric*** world.

Hence, the centrifuge was revolving at different speeds and it was used as many as 12 times; here are the forms, fresh and clean, wrapped in musical shapes:

1. Language
2. World
3. Human being
4. Time
5. Image
6. Sound
7. Soul
8. Dreams
9. Forms
10. City
11. Countries
12. Life

This is what the Bildung**** was born from, or all of this was born from the Bildung.
So. Not much, not little – a total of 30 minutes for only 10 litas*****.
P. S. Does anyone know where one could exchange old money?

(From the Composer)

Once a Lithuanian poet (S. G.) wrote: “Yesterday I was returning home, completely sober, and I noticed an abundance of sticker advertisements – on a lamp post, near the entrance door to the apartment building, on a staircase. About Russian, French, Persian cats, about Afghan Hounds, about someone willing to buy an apartment in this house, about how one would buy…” And so, I also suddenly felt that once, while returning home, I would also very much like to write or explain something, to put a sticker on a lamp post, on the entrance door or in the staircase, but how should I put it all down?

1. For sale: opera Bildung
2. strings play here
3. … clarinet and flute are breathing
4. includes occasional episodes of compound metre
5. also includes the piano part
6. ensemble of singing girls
7. some complex rhythmic constructions
8. there are four soloists, one of them is bass
9. sometimes glissando is required
10. singing is replaced by speaking, …
11. … sound of the orchestra is replaced by a phonogram.
12. And in the last part, one has to loudly sing, laugh and memorise the last phrase: …

* Prolegomena – commentary, explanation.
** Simulacrum – immitation.
*** Onirism – disorder involving dream-like disturbances of one’s consiousness.
**** Bildung (German) – culture, education, training, science, creation.
***** Cost of ticket to NOA events.